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Economic and Insurance Risk Considerations for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers in Dealing with Ebola - Part One
By Robb Harvey, Neil Krugman, Mark Bell | Posted On: 2014‑10‑22
...hospitals and other medical facilities are facing a series of economic challenges - from educating personnel, to training staff, to alerting emergency personnel coming into contact with potential Ebola patients, to setting up quarantine units, to dealing with an occasional scare to, in the rare instance, actually dealing with a case of Ebola.
Waller | category: Insurance
Large US Business Insurer Begins Excluding Coverage for Ebola Related Claims
By Mike Fant | Posted On: 2014‑10‑22
In what may be the first of many similar moves to come, a large United States insurer - based in Zurich, Switzerland - has informed its customers that it has started restricting coverage for claims related to the outbreak and spread of Ebola.
Waller | category: Insurance
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Waller has launched this comprehensive online resource to help companies navigate the diverse issues pertaining to the arrival of the Ebola virus in the United States. Through this site, we will serve as a go-to source of information for executives and board members who are asking what Ebola means for their organizations. Preparation in this situation means everything. We will update this site with new content and information as Ebola’s impact continues to be analyzed and studied. The Ebola Legal Resource contains information for healthcare organizations as well as for employers outside the healthcare industry. To filter the website for your specific interests, please click on the link above to switch between content for healthcare providers and non-healthcare employers.
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Information and training for the health care community to ensure that all health care workers (including hospital workers, physician groups, and emergency medical technicians) are able to detect and respond to the Ebola virus, as well as protect themselves and others from it.
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